Antenna TV Plans Thanksgiving Leave It To Beaver Marathon

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(KTVI)-Antenna TV will a 27-hour Leave It To Beaver marathon on Thanksgiving Day. That’s 54 back-to-back episodes of the classic sitcom featuring America’s most traditional family on the day we spend time with our families the most.  Shows will begin airing at 11:00pm Wednesday, Nov. 21, in St. Louis.

 Antenna TV can be found over the air in St. Louis on digital channel 2.2 and on Charter channel 88.

On Thanksgiving Eve, Antenna TV will run Thanksgiving themed episodes of Hazel, Father Knows Best, Good Times and All in the Family followed by the famous WKRP in Cincinnati “Turkeys Away” episode, showing four times in a row leading up to the beginning on the Leave It To Beaver marathon.

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