Scott Schaffer: Safer Shopping Online

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(KTVI) - Identity theft continues to increase, especially during the holidays.  That's why December is designated "Theft Prevention Awareness Month". Scott Schaffer with Blade Technologies gives some tips to avoid being scammed online.

1. CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD before and after the holiday season.
2.      Guard your information: don`t give out personal information when it is not necessary.
a.       Example: you shouldn`t have to give your SS# or mother`s maiden name when using a CC or PayPal to make a purchase.
3.      Make sure that you are using HTTPS when making a purchase: these are 'secure sites' that encrypt your information end-to-end. They can be indicated by a lock symbol in your browser window, such as:     
4.      Pay with a credit card to minimize fraud risk.
a.       Unlike paying with a debit card, you can contest charges without losing any cash.
b.      Many card companies offer 'virtual account numbers' which allow you to create a one-time use card with date and amount limits.
5.      Stop Junk Mail before it happens:
a.       Contribute anonymously to charities.
b.      Generally, don`t 'Unsubscribe' to an unsolicited marketing email.
c.       Read privacy policies and opt out when possible.


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