BBB Warns About Charities Soliciting For Fallen Officers

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TROY, IL. (KTVI) - Police organizations are on the look out for solicitors seeking funds for the "Police Protective Fund," a registered charity that has been sued by state attorneys general multiple times for misleading donors.

Missouri sued the fund and won a $350,000 settlement in 2007.  Then the firm turned around and claimed the payout to Missouri as a fundraising expense for its California tax report.

The St. Louis Better Business Bureau reported Thursday the charity has refused to provide information to the BBB. BBB vice president of communications Chris Thetford said that shows a lack of transparency.  The BBB wants to know how charities spend the funds they collect.

"They've been sued in the past for making misleading and deceptive claims on the phone with people as they are trying to do fundraising.  That is what groups like this do sometimes when they are trying to collect money," he said.
He suggested prospective donors can check out organizations before making donations by reviewing BBB reports, checking web sites.

"We believe charities should be transparent with the public and let the public know about their operations, their fund raising expenses and their programs so that the donors can make informed decisions about whether or not they give money," Thetford said.
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