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Small Town Grieves Over Loss Of Firefighter

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BARTELSO, IL (KTVI) - A small town grieves over the tragic death of a firefighter. Bartelso Illinois  is a farming town of 600 people about 40 miles due East of St. Louis.

Fellow firefighters are hanging memorial crepe at the fire department where Tim Jansen volunteered. Across the street friends put up bunting at the restaurant jansen ran.  

"He was a 15 year volunteer fireman here in  he actually owned the restaurant across the street and that’s where he worked. He’s got a wife and two kids that he leaves behind. He’s just one of the good guys." said Chief Jack Kampwerth of the Germantown Fire Protection District.

On Sunday night Jansen was aboard a fire truck answering a call to a burning house.  

"During the initial set up of the operation, firefighter Tim Jansen was struck by one of the apparatus, was worked on at the scene by his fellow firefighters, was transported by ambulance to Saint Joseph’s hospital in breese, where he passed away."  said Chief Jack Kampwerth.

Jansen was at the back of the firetrucks, possibly unrolling fire hose, Possibly guiding the truck backing up. What we do know is that his own firetruck backed over Tim Jansen, crushing him.

Some friends of Jansen’s say the biggest venue in town is St. Cecilia’s Church, where Jansen attended.  They doubt it’ll be big enough for all of Jansen’s friends who’ll want to pay their final respects to a man who left a big inmprint on a small community.
 The driver of the fire truck says he didn’t see Jansen behind the truck. But, the exact circumstances still remain unclear.

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