Historic One Room School Moving To Belleville

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - If you're willing to get up early Saturday morning, don't be surprised to see a schoolhouse traveling down Old Collinsville road. The former one room schoolhouse is moving to a new neighborhood in Belleville.

On Saturday Expert House Movers of St. Louis started putting the old one room schoolhouse into place for Saturday morning's move. Starting at 8am the schoolhouse built in the 1840's will be relocated to Messinger Cemetary just a mile down the road.  The schoolhouse is being donated by the Agne family to the St. Clair County Historical Society.
"We had to coordinate with right here, three cities come together and St. Clair County to get the utilities moved to close the road and make sure everything is done safely.  So it's quite a bit of coordination that went into moving this school house." said the currator of theSt. Clair County Historical Society William Shannon.

Old Collinsville road in Belleville by Clinton Hills Golf Course will be closed starting at 8am.  The one mile move down the road is expected to take about three hours. The St. Clair County Historical Society plans to open the schoolhouse as a museum.