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Newspaper: Beef Tenderizing Method Has Risks

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) – A newspaper report says the beef industry has been using a mechanical meat tenderizing process that may increase the risk of E. coli exposure.

The Kansas City Star  said in a series of articles published this week that the newspaper spent a year investigating various aspects of the U.S. beef industry, looking at the largest beef packers, as well as feedlots and animal drug companies.

The tenderizing method, which results in so-called “bladed” or “needled” beef, has been around for decades and involves injecting marinades into meat. The industry says the practice is safe, but food safety advocates say it can drive pathogens like E. coli deeper into the meat, requiring more cooking to destroy the E. coli.

Beef industry officials respond that E. coli illnesses have declined recently.
Information from: The Kansas City Star