Reel World: Les Miserables & DVDs Released On Tuesday

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) -  New releases are out on DVD today.  We took some time to review Ted, The Bourne Legacy and Ice Age: Continental Drift.

One of the biggest movies of the year comes out in theatres Christmas day. It's the movie version of the much-beloved stage musical, Les Miserables. With most movie musicals, they pre-record the songs in a studio and then lip-sync on the day of filming. But not in this movie. In this one ... They sang live as they shot the scenes. I recently  talk to the les miz stars and i wanted to know more about what that was like.

"Was there any trepidation about sounding bad, i mean there's one thing about sounding unpolished, but sounding bad is another thing. Always when you sing, that's somewhere in the back of your head, you know." said Hugh Jackman.

It paid off.  The singing may not be perfectly polished. But, what you get is the raw emotion of the moment much more than if they had sung to pre-recorded tracks. And for this movie, that really works.