St. Louis Discusses CT School Tragedy On Social Media

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(KTVI)-In the wake of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT, the public has been offering prayers on social media, turning to websites like Facebook and Twitter to connect with others trying to make sense of this tragedy.

Chris Reimer, the Vice President of Social Media for Falk Harrison, says people use social media to understand what happened, to get the news.  But we also go online and see other people expressing the same sympathies and sorrows that we feel, creating an online support group.

Reimer said, “There`s very little we can do here in St. Louis to help the situation up there. And yet, consider a candlelight vigil that will happen in a few days. We can get a jump on that now by going social media and being together and expressing our sorrows.”

Reimer also cautions that people sharing what they consider to be facts online are probably not checking sources like traditional media. So when you see something in a tweet or a Facebook post really take a double look at it before reposting its contents.