Police Investigate Why Toddler Had Severe Burns on Feet

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) - An active toddler was sidelined with severe burns.  His grandmother said the boy was abused.

City police did not have a lot of information, but pictures of little bandaged feet could tell what brought officers to a North City home around eight Saturday night.  Trina Farrow took the pictures of her grandson, 2-year-old Kayleb Ryan-White.  Farrow said the gauze was protecting Kayleb from infection.

Farrow said Kayleb and his mother lived in Farrow’s home on Sherry at Riverview.  But according to Farrow, Kayleb’s mother brought the little one’s shoes from the boyfriend's nearby home.  The grandmother said she smelled bleach.  Farrow then asked to see her grandchild.  When Kayleb's mother brought the toddler home, Farrow called 9-1-1.

 “This is so hard to describe,” Farrow fought back tears.  “Every time I think about it, it just brings me to tears because I have never seen anything like that.  They were just so red and all the skin was off up to the ankles."

Farrow said paramedics took little Kayleb to a local burn unit.  She said the 2-year-old is now on morphine, because the bandage changes are so painful.

"He just keeps saying, ‘Nana, my feet hurt.  Nana they hurt.’  That's all he keeps saying to me,” tears streamed down the grandmother’s face.  “He just keeps saying, ‘I wannna get down,’ because he's used to running around.  He’s used to playing."

Farrow refused to believe that Kayleb hurt himself.

“It was like the imprint of the boots up to his ankles on both feet.  Like I said, there's no accident if something like that happens to both feet."

No one has been charged, but city police say they are still investigating.  Farrow said doctors are waiting to see if the burns worsen from 2nd to 3rd degree.  That is why she wants anyone with information about Kayleb’s injuries to come forward, now.

"Talk to somebody,” she pleaded.  “Say what happened.  I don't think this was an accident.  But, you need to let somebody know what happened so they can figure out how to treat this.  He didn't deserve that.  Everybody, everybody, everybody loves Kayleb.  Eveybody.  And I don't understand why you would do this to my grand baby.”


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