Holiday Travel In Full Swing

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- Holiday travel is in full swing here in the Gateway City. And there are some ways to make that process smoother.

Earlier Friday at Lambert Airport, FOX 2 saw people lining up go get to their destinations and they really didn't seem too worried about the weather.

According to AAA at least 93 million Americans will travel more than 50 miles from home this holiday season, nearly 2 percent more than last year. FOX 2 actually spoke to people traveling abroad with all of their luggage in tow, one family to Central America, the other to London. And when it comes to bringing your gifts along these passengers say they made preparations to make the process easier.  One traveler brought three suitcase filled with presents.

On average distance people are traveling 760 miles. Experts say air travel is stable, growing more than 5 percent at one point during the last decade. The TSA gave the following holiday guidelines:

*It’s best to not bring wrapped gifts to the check point. They can be opened and inspected at anytime.

*Snow globes smaller than a tennis ball containing less than 3.4 oz of liquid are ok. Just make sure it fits into a quart sized plastic bag.

* And when it comes to food like jellies, cranberry sauce and gift baskets, it’s best to ship ahead or check it. If contents are more than 3.4 oz it won't pass.

So again if you are heading to the airport there's nothing better than extra time if you want to make your process as smooth as possible.

The holidays are when millions of travelers also hit the roads.

It`s  estimated more than 84 million kids, parents and family members will travel more than 50 miles on the country`s highways to share the holidays with loved ones in the next few days.

They`ll probably also like the cost of gasoline, Missouri has some of the lowest prices in the nation.

If you are traveling to states that just got pummeled by the winter storm, make sure your car is packed with emergency equipment.

Don`t forget blankets, a shovel and sand or kitty litter for icy conditions.

And check your battery, the cold kills old car batteries.

At AAA, the number of calls jumps dramatically when frigid weather moves in.