Street Crews Work Hard To Keep Drivers Safe

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- FOX 2 sent crews out to St. Charles County and we discovered the roads have been in pretty good shape. There was some rain, flurries and road crews out, but it was also an unusual day for tow truck drivers.

FOX 2 checked in with local tow companies and we`re told they had more tire changes than usual in Monday`s weather. There were several reports of cars sliding off of the road and other places. We also stopped by the city of Lake St. Louis who just started using their new beet juice mixture to treat roads. They didn`t use much Monday but say it will help the road prep process. This is what tow truck drivers at D&L Tow Service in St. Charles had to say about Monday`s service calls.

“Not real sure maybe the debris on the road being moved around maybe from the plow trucks and people running it over. Out of the tow calls one was a car slid off a driveway then we had one on a back country road there was a car that slid off out there, some of the back roads are pretty slick,” D&L Towing Driver Chris Hollenberg.

The city of Lake St. Louis has two 5,000 gallon tanks and plan to use it as needed during the coldest of temperatures. As for tow truck drivers they suggest drivers check batteries, tires and keep a look out for other stranded drivers on the roads.

So far so good, as far as road conditions in Illinois.

But authorities expect things to get worse as New Year’s Eve night goes on. 

IDOT crews have surveyed the major highways in the 11 Illinois counties surrounding St. Louis. At this point, they say everything is still wet. 

They`ve only needed to roll about 70 of the more than 200 trucks available, to throw down chemicals, to hopefully prevent freeze-ups  on  the road-ways, just as people are heading out - and then heading home this New Year`s Eve.  Adam Mance is a snow-plow contractor out of Granite City.  He says even though the snow and freezing rain have stopped for now, he expects to ring in the New Year on the job.

With cold air setting in, and the wind picking up just a bit, best case scenario is no more freezing rain or snow. Maybe with all the chemicals down, this stuff will dry up, as opposed to freezing.  If you`re heading out tonight, don`t count on that. 

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