Cold Temps Do Not Deter St. Louis Business

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - A dip in the temperatures on the first day of 2013 did not slow down business for some St. Louis area traditions.

One University City couple was determined to see a movie even if it mean a cold walk from the car to the restaurant.

"I can't feel my hands," said the glove-less customer.

Others dressed for the weather and went ice skating in Forest Park.

"I have so many layers on that it really doesn`t bother me," said one skater.

About a dozen skaters huddled around the outdoor fire pit at the Steinberg rink to stay warm.

"With the fire here, the weather is perfect for ice skating," said another skater.

Steinberg was not the only business celebrating cold weather. Hidden Valley Ski resort in Wildwood offers skiing, snow tubing and snowboarding.

Last year warm weather kept the resort from opening during the winter break but this year was much different.

"It's a busy day and a busy week for us," said general manager Bill Brandes. He said the cold allows snow making machines to crank out enough snow to survive on days even when the temperature goes above freezing.

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