New Laws Take Effect In Missouri & Illinois

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - There is a huge difference this year between Missouri and Illinois when it comes to the number of new laws going into effect January 1.  In Missouri, employees paid the minimum wage are getting a ten cents an hour raise to $7.35.

Meanwhile, in Illinois more than 150 new laws take effect in 2013. Among them, a $3 per person tax for going to a strip club. The money raised is supposed to fund counseling for victims of sexual violence.

In Illinois, it is also now illegal for an employer to ask for access to an employee`s social media account.

Another new Illinois law targets underage drinking by creating stricter penalties for parents who allow it at home or anyplace else they control.

The most curious new Illinois law makes illegal the sale, purchase or trade of shark fins.  It comes in response to the inhumane practice of cutting fins off live sharks and throwing the fish back into the ocean.  The fins are then sold to Asian restaurants which serve shark fin soup.

One other change happening January 1 in Missouri is not a new law, but an old law allowed to expire which had restricted access to government records about preventing terrorist attacks and structural plans for government buildings.