Police Looking For Man Who Shot At Homes

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BRIDGETON, MO (KTVI) - Bullets went flying through a Bridgeton neighborhood Tuesday morning leaving damage to homes and owners shook up. Neighbors say it all happened between 8:30 and 9am, the shots came from different directions.

At least three homes near the 11, 200 block of Old St. Charles Road had bullet holes lodged in them after someone fired at least 8 shots in the area. Homeowners say they heard multiple shots that woke them up.

Neighbors also tell FOX 2 the bullets came from a 9mm and may have been part of a gun battle. Two random bullets hit a bedroom window at one home and another went through a wall and hit a desk next door. Neighbors like Pamela Tanner and Polly Hazlewood are just glad they`re OK.

"We had three bullets hit our property one in the drive and two in the window seal where we were sleeping it didn't come into the house we feel very fortunate. " said Tanner.

"It`s a little scary I didn't take it personally I thought it was some kids going down the street using a new Christmas gun or something. But they said they don`t think that`s what it was because the gun shots were going in both directions." said Hazlewood.

The owners say they are looking to do repairs and want police to find out why the shots were fired. Bridgeton police are investigating and hope the public can help them find out who`s responsible. There were no injuries out of this mornings incident.

Bridgeton police crime tip line: 314-373-3876