Rapping Cab Driver Talks About Busy New Year’s Eve

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Dan Howard has been driving a cab for 12 years, and said that he enjoys making sure people get where they are going safely on on New Year's Eve.

"They call me Dan, Dan the driving man," he said. He was on duty as people rang in 2013. "People are ready to start and new year, so I always respect those who
don't drink and drive," Howard said.

The St. Louis County Cab Co. said it logged more than 3,200 fares during the holiday.

"It is our busiest time, and each year we see more people being responsible," St. Louis County Cab Co. Basil Rudawsky said.

The state is still calculating DWI numbers for the holiday.

"I sure hope they aren't bad," Howard said. "We like to make sure people stay safe."

Howard also said he likes to make sure people have fun in his cab.

"We keep the party going in here by playing music and just having a
good time," he said.

Howard has been behind the wheel of a cab on New Year's Eve every
years since 2001.