Web World: New Year’s Resolution Apps

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(KTVI) - Techcrunch.com is helping you navigate through the apps that will help you keep your New Year's resolutions.  From losing weight to saving money, they've listed some of the top free apps that you can use to start off 2013 on a positive note.

Fitocracy is a fitness app that uses social tools and gamification to make working out easier. Losing weight and working out more often is the most popular and common New Year’s Resolution every year over, but many people give up after a few days or weeks. Staying motivated can be tough.

Lose It! is a great app for tracking calorie intake and diet. You simply record everything you eat, whether at a restaurant or homemade, and the app starts tracking your weekly calorie budget, the ratio of carbohydrates to proteins to fats, and integrates with social networks to let you keep up with your friends’ progress.

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