Don’t Forget About Pets, Cars During Colder Temps

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MARYLAND HEIGHTS, MO (KTVI)-- The cold is bringing increased attention to two major parts of everyday life, cars and pets.

Most dogs seem to love the snow, but what most dog owners don't know is how harmful snow can be on their pet.

Or that the snow is not the only dangerous element outdoors for your cat or dog in the wintertime.

Most dogs don't feel how harmful snow can be on their paws, until it's too late. Frost bite does not take long to directly harm the exposed pad on a dog or cat's paws.

Snow and ice aren't the only dangerous substances on the ground in the winter.

Ice melting products also don't help to keep your car clean once snow and ice come into the forecast, but a dirty car is a minor inconvenience compared to the damage that can happen if the car is not winterized before the season.

Winterizing is just another word for flushing out old antifreeze to prevent a long list of problems that can happen when neglected.

Gus Berry at Gravois Auto Repair in South County worked on one car Wednesday with that exact problem, which now needs repairs costing far more than a routine oil change.

Gus Berry also recommends drivers regularly check their tires and windshield wipers during the wintertime, to avoid further costly repairs.