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2013 Baseball Hall of Fame Class comes up Empty

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Voters for the Baseball Hall of Fame elected no new members for their Class of 2013. It's the first time there has not been a player elected for Baseball's Shrine since 1996. First year eligible player Craig Biggio came the closest to the necessary 75 percent of the total vote, getting 68.2%. Jack Morris in his 14th of 15 year of eligibility was next with 67.7% of the vote. This ballot also marked Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Sammy Sosa's first year on the Hall of Fame ballot. All three players have been tied to steroid use and all three failed to be voted in. Clemens got 37.6%, Bonds 36.2% and Sosa just 12.5%. The voters for baseball's Hall of Fame spoke out in a big way, including St. Louis Post-Dispatch Hall of Fame sports writer Rick Hummel, who had a vote in today's election.