Blues And NHL Trying To Lock Down Game Schedule

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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KTVI) - The NHL’s Board of Governor’s unanimously approved the league’s new collective bargaining agreement Wednesday, but the league isn’t doing teams any favors as far as providing a schedule for anxious fans.  St. Louis Blues officials say the league keeps calling with scenarios for an opening date and opponent, then calling back and changing their minds.

“We’ve had a couple already,” Chief Operating Officer Bruce Affleck told Fox 2 Wednesday.  “None that have been final. The rumors were out there that we were going to open in Detroit, play here the next night.  That’s gone by the wayside.  There was another that we were going to be here the 19th and 20th, and that’s not the case now.”

It creates problems on a number of fronts.  They need to be able to tell arena workers when to show up, advertisers when to book time, and fans when to plan to come downtown.  On the heels of an ugly labor dispute, fans, of course, are the top priority.

“It’s a big challenge.  A lot of work on our staff. There are a lot of season ticket holders who want their tickets.  They want to go to a game.  They’ve been great to stick with us thorugh the lockout, and we can’t tell them yet when we start and when their tickets will arrive.”

Most fans seem somewhat ready to forgive the labor mess, but they’re growing impatient on the lack of an opening date or opponent just ten days before the season starts.

“It’s very frustrating,” season ticket holder Jason Tretter said.  “Especially a season ticket holder.  You’re wondering where, trying to get some schedules lined up, trying to make sure you’ve got clients to go to games, if you’re giving your tickets away. It’s frustrating.”

Another season ticket holder, Joel Sigman, agrees.

“It would be nice to know just that way I can make sure I leave that night open so I can be at the game.”