Katt Williams Arrested For Missing Court Date

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Sacramento, CA – Police have arrested comedian Katt Williams after he failed to show up for a court date in Sacramento.  According to the LA Times he was taken into custody around 3:45 p.m  at his home.

According to TMZ A warrant has been issued on Wednesday after the comedian failed to show up  in court.  He was to appear for an arraignment for a police chase in November.  The District Attorney charged Williams with a felony for evading a police officer while driving recklessly. After that chase the comedian stopped by a Target store and slapped an employee in the face.

This is the second warrant issued for Williams in less than a month.  He missed a court date for a Seattle bar fight in December too.

Katt Williams began his career as a stand-up comic.  He gained attention in 1999 for his raunchy comedy club appearances. Now, TV appearances on the BET Network led to more success.  He has also starred in movied including Eddie Murphy’s “Norbit”.  He is also the voice of popular cartoons, including “The Boondocks.”