Lambert Airport Big Issue In Mayor’s Race

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- Both Clayco Construction and Charter Communications partly blamed a lack of flights at Lambert Airport for their decisions to move their corporate headquarters out of St. Louis. Now the issue of departing businesses and the airport has become part of the mayor's race.

Mayor Slay's main challenger for the job says that the Clayco and Charter situations reflect badly on the mayor and his economic policies. The mayor though says Lambert’s in better shape than most people think.

When Charter Communications headquarters pulled up stakes and left for Connecticut and when Clayco Construction moved its headquarters to Chicago, both companies indicated reduced flights at Lambert were one of the reasons for leaving St. Louis.

It turns out Lambert has more flights than airports in San Diego, Cleveland, New Orleans, Memphis, and many other mid sized cities.

But meanwhile, the airport and jobs find themselves linked in the mayor's race, with two months and counting until the March 5th Mayoral Election.

And there are still a lot of people who think Charter and Clayco executives mentioning flights at Lambert was a smokescreen for the real reasons for their moves, moving company headquarters closer to where the CEOs lives.