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Witnesses Speak About Man Throwing Severed Arms

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KIRKSVILLE, MO (KTVO) – The men who live a few doors down from a murder suspect still can’t believe what they saw on Sunday night.  According to Missouri TV station KTVO witnesses Wade Perkins and Jerry Strahl went outside and found their friend’s car and home on fire.  They tried to help their friend Paul Potter when he tried to attack them.

Paul R. Potter, 49 of Kirksville is accused of murder The men say Potter was watching his car burn.  When they went down to make sure he was OK he grabbed Perkins. He threw severed arms at the men when they made their escape.

According to the men Potter the said,  “Look what this SOB did to my son, so I killed him.”

Later when police went into the charred home they found  a dismembered body.  The body has not been identified yet.

Potter is charged murder in the second degree, second degree arson and tampering with a motor vehicle.


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