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Copper Thieves Targeting Vacant Homes In O’Fallon

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O'FALLON, MO (KTVI)-- O’Fallon police are investigating a series of break-ins in some of their oldest neighborhoods.

Rick Monteith grew up in the 100 block of Country Life Drive in O’Fallon. His family has been gone for years, but he had to come back because he got word that someone broken into his childhood home and stole all of the copper.

Monteith's is one of at least 5 break-ins over the last month police are investigating. Thieves also hit the home next door; copper thieves are targeting vacant homes.

“With the economy the way it is and people getting desperate, desperate times make people do desperate things,” said Monteith.

O’Fallon police officer Diane Damke says some of the homes had forced entry and others did not. Neighbors say there has never really been an issue of crime in the targeted areas, and news of the break-ins is disturbing.

“If it makes you think for a second something is not right contact your local agency. Try to get some kind of description of the cars occupants if at all possible a license plate,” said Damke.

Now investigators are searching for the copper thieves and hope neighbors will keep an eye out for anyone who looks out of place.

Call 636-240-3200 to report any criminal activity.

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