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Newtown Conspiracy Theory: Professor Suggests Massacre Part Of Government Plan

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BOCA RATON, FL – A Florida professor is standing by his claim that the shootings at a Connecticut Elementary school in December are part of the Obama Administration’s plan to enact more gun control regulations.  In James Tracy’s blog post makes the claim that the shootings may have never happened.  He says that there  may have been “crisis actors” hired during the massacre in Newtown.

According to WPTV he announced his theory to this class called Communication & Social Power at Florida Atlantic University on Tuesday night.  Until then he had been fairly silent about his views posted in his blog

He is not apologizing or backing down from his claims that the Sandy Hook shootings never happened.  In an interview with WPTV he said, “I think that overall, the media really did drop the ball.  I don’t think that the media have gotten to the bottom of some of the things that may have taken place there.”

Although, the professor says that he does believe that 20 children were shot and killed during the incident.

Officials at FAU say that Tracy does not speak for the University.  

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