Washington University Seeks Help for Weight Loss Study

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(KTVI) - Washington University is seeking help if you are morbidly obese or know someone looking for a release from the discomfort and negative social media stigma.

Dr. Shelby Sullivan talks about a clinical study that you could participate in. Just call 888-978-8398 or visit ReduceTrial.com to see if you qualify.

The procedure involves placing a silicone dual-balloon system in the stomach during a 30-mintue outpatient procedure.

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The balloons change the stomach's natural anatomy. They occupy space to reduce the capacity for food.

Balloons stay in the stomach for 6 months as a built-in portion control while participants learn to live a healthier lifestyle with the support of dietitians, doctors and nurses.  The trial is 6 months long.

Some people will get the balloons and some will not.  All will undergo the procedure.  After 6 months, those who did not get the balloons will be able to get it.