Second “Ladue’s Ugliest” Instagram Profile Uses Sandy Hook Shooter’s Picture

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LADUE, MO. (KTVI) – Schools in the Ladue School District had more security Thursday after a cyber bullying case at Ladue Middle School made a connection to the Sandy Hook tragedy.

A school district spokesperson says they are taking all precautions to make sure students and staff are safe on all seven campuses in the district.   It's all because of an Instagram account that got attention on Wednesday.  Authorities say a Ladue Middle School student created an Instagram profile called "Ladue's Ugliest" and posted pictures of several other students on the profile.

The message on the profile read, "I take picture of people from Ladue and if you're ugly, you'll get posted."

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School officials were able to call Instgram Wednesday and have the pictures removed and the profile shut down.  Students left hundreds of comments on the original profile. "We are happy to report that all of the comments we saw were students saying that this was not okay," Ladue School District Communications Director Susan Dielmann said.

However, after the story appeared on air, FOX 2 learned another profile with pictures of the same students had been created. This time it was called, "Ladue's Ugliest1" and the creator used a picture of the accused Sandy Hook shooter as the profile picture.

A message on the page read, "Those who cry to the news stations can't stop me."  There were also 11 more pictures of Ladue Middle School students.  That profile was also shut down by Thursday morning.

Now authorities are trying to figure out who is responsible for the profiles.  They are hoping the student responsible confesses.

"We have questioned students, but at this point we don't know who did it," Dielmann said.

Increased police patrols will take place Friday as well.

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