Beyonce Sings National Anthem At Obama Inauguration (VIDEO)

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WASHINGTON DC (CNN) – The nation’s capital is abuzz this morning as we prepare for the country’s 57th Presidential Inauguration. While the crowds should not be as large as four years ago, hundreds of thousands of people are expected to brave the cold temperatures to be eyewitnesses to history. Rene is in the midst of it all and she joins us live from Washington, DC.

The swearing in ceremony is still hours away but the crowds already packing in on the national mall here and preps still underway on the west front of the U.S. capitol.

The swearing in will be sandwiched in between several musical acts, some of them will include Kelly Clarkson, James Taylor. The grand finale will be Beyonce singing the national anthem.

Inside the blue room at the White House, President Barack Obama was officially sworn into to office Sunday, January 20th, as the constitution mandates.

Today, when the president publicly takes the oath he’ll use two stacked bibles; one from Abraham Lincoln the other from Martin Lutheran King, Jr.

Leading up to inauguration day Washington has been buzzing with activity. The first family worshiped at Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal in D.C. to celebrate DR. Martin Luther King Jr.

Both the president and vice president laid a wreath at Arlington national cemetery to remember the lives lost and those who served.

And what’s an inauguration without a celebration? Several balls throughout the weekend will continue Monday night after the presidents swearing in. Its part of America’s rich history dating back 1789.

By:  Rene Marsh