Tom Brady Karate Kicks Ed Reed (VIDEO)

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(KTVI) – Tom Brady went for a  feet-first slide into Ed Reed during the last 20 seconds in the first half of the AFC Championship Game.  The kick looked like a flying karate kick.

 Ravens safety Bernard Pollard says Brady intentionally lifted his right leg because he wanted to kick Ravens safety Ed Reed.  What actually happened is up for debate.  What is not is the outcome of the game.  The Ravens won the title.

According to CNN. Beyond their recent playoff history, Baltimore and New England matched up earlier this season — one in which the Ravens came back from a late 9-point deficit, winning on a last-second field goal by Justin Tucker.

Still, victory Sunday evening was hardly guaranteed.

New England had the superior regular record, not to mention a storied playoff pedigree having played in five Super Bowls in the past 11 years. They also had Brady, who last Sunday passed Joe Montana as the quarterback with the most playoff wins ever.

And the Patriots started out strong, jumping to a 3-0 lead and — after a Baltimore score — entering halftime up 13-7.

But the second half was all Baltimore. The Ravens scored touchdowns on their first three possessions, two of them on Joe Flacco touchdown passes to receiver Anquan Boldin.

Meanwhile, the vaunted Patriots offense sputtered, hurt especially by a Stevan Ridley fumble and two Brady interceptions. Baltimore ended up winning 28-13.

“We came here last year and left with a bitter taste in our mouths,” Baltimore’s Boldin told reporters after the game. “We felt like this team took something away from us. And we wanted to come back and make that right.”