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Steve Harvey On-Air Breakdown

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Comedian Steve Harvey’s unexpected surprise phone call displayed a rare emotional side of the current “Family Fued” television host. The phone call came on a special birthday celebration episode of his talk show “Ask Steve.”

During the live broadcast Harvey explained that he insisted he did not want to receive any surprises during the show celebrating his 56th birthday. Following his explanation he received the call from Rich and Becky Liss of Orlando, FLA.

“Hi Steve. This is Rich Liss from Orlando, Florida and I called to wish you happy birthday,” said Liss as he insisted on asking one question. “Do you still love me baby?”

Harvey immediately became choked up before he eventually responded, “I love you, man.”

The popular television host then explained how Rich and his wife Becky had took him in when he was 26 years old and struggling. Harvey said the Liss’ helped to fund his traveling expenses and a small carpet cleaning company of his.

“I got money now, Rich,” said the grateful Harvey.

Harvey explained to the couple that he had been looking for them for years and offered to fly them out to the show in Chicago, Illinois from their hometown in Orlando.