VIDEO: Woman Mistakes Doughnut Case For Toilet

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It’s surveillance video you have to see to believe. Video posted to YouTube shows a drunken woman mistake Quik Trip’s doughnut case for a toilet. (Cue video to 1:00.)

The unidentified woman enters the store, and walks directly to the case, and proceeds to drop her pants. She sits there for an extended period of time.  Onlookers stand by confused and shocked. The store clerk calls police.

This story was originally posted to FOX 4 in Kansas City.

On Friday, a QT spokesman told FOX 4 that the incident happened about four years ago at a Missouri store. The store discarded all the merchandise and thoroughly disinfected the area where she exposed herself, even though he says the woman never actually urinated or defecated.  The spokesman says the incident involved a dare.

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