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Kansas City Police Find Teen Handcuffed In Basement

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KANSAS CITY, Mo (WDAF) — Police arrested three adults, two men and a woman, after they discovered a teenaged boy in a dark basement handcuffed to a steel pole.

According to the police report, social workers with the Department of Family Services were informed that a 14-year-old boy was chained to a steel bar in the basement of a Northland home. On Monday, Feb. 4, investigators went to the home, located near Russell Road and Bellaire Ave., to check on the boy and found him chained to a steel support pole.
On Wednesday, FOX 4’s Matt Stewart went to the home. A man, believed to be the teen’s older brother, answered the door. Seeing media, he said, “Hold on.” He then closed and locked the door.

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A neighbor told FOX 4’s Matt Stewart the older brother said his younger brother was being held in “permanent jail in the basement” after hitting his stepmother.
According to the police report, when officers arrived at the home on Tuesday to check on the boy, a woman answered the door and said she lived there with her husband and 17-year-old stepson. Investigators asked if they could speak to the boy. According to the police report, investigators went “down the wooden stairs into a dark basement” and heard a voice say, “I didn’t do anything, I didn’t do anything.”

A police officer turned on the lights and saw a thin, frail-looking boy getting out of a fetal position on the concrete floor. He was handcuffed to the steel support pole. An officer used a police department handcuff key to remove the handcuffs.
The police report describes the victim as “very thin for his height. His face was sunken in on the sides and his eyes had a look of desperation,” the report said. In describing the conditions further, the officer reporting the incident said in the police report:
“He was shivering and he said he was very cold. He continuously asked for his jacket and shoes. He had only a few thin blankets to lay on and to cover up with as he slept on the cold concrete floor.”

The boy told investigators he had been down there since September 27 when he says his father took him out of school and locked him in the basement.

The victim said he became hungry one time in October and left the basement to find some food, which made his father mad. The boy said his father then handcuffed him to a bed rail.

Sometime in November, the boy said he managed to get loose from the bed by disassembling it. Fueled by hunger, the boy said he attempted to break open the door using the rail, but wasn’t successful. After that attempt, the boy says his father became angry again and handcuffed him to the steel pole, where he said he had been ever since.
The victim said his father would get up at four a.m. every morning and let him use the bathroom, give him a packet of instant oatmeal and then lock him back up. When his father got home from work, he would let him use the bathroom again and give him one pack of Ramen noodles, then lock him back up for the night.

No names have been released or charges filed. Kansas City Police spokesman Steve Young said the investigation is on-going.