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Emails And Sexual Harassment Lawsuit That Followed Have Alderman In Trouble

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The Dellwood Board Alderman voted to continue impeachment proceedings against Alderman James Lovings during a special meeting Wednesday.

Lovings is accused of "encouraging" a former female city employee to file a sexual harassment lawsuit against the city.

Lovings admitted to exchanging emails with the woman about her complaint, but said he "never encouraged" her to file a law suit against the city.

The city attorney said it was a "clear" conflict of interest and case of "conduct unbecoming of an Alderman."

However, Lovings said he merely directed the woman to the proper authorities.

"What was I supposed to do when she came to me?" He said. "I told her to contact the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission."

Lovings is also accused of "encouraging" a former Dellwood police officer to file a lawsuit for discrimination against the city.

The board voted 5-3 to continue with the impeachment.

"It is a political witch hunt," Lovings said. "They just want me out."

Lovings is running for mayor, but if he is impeached his opponent will likely have a clear path to the office.

"That is why they are just trying to get me out of the way now," Lovings said.

However, Dellwood resident Carol Worth said Lovings should have just "stayed out" of the sexual harassment issue.

"He would not be in this situation if he would have just let the city attorney handle anything like that," Worth said. "Maybe he should be impeached."

Dellwood resident Jim Bobbitt disagrees.

"He was trying to help her," he said. "He is an alderman, and that is what they are supposed to do."

The impeachment hearing is scheduled for Feb. 20 at City Hall.

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