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Rare 1865 Brooklyn Atlantics Baseball Card At Auction

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A one of a kind baseball card is going up for auction today.   It was discovered at a yard sale in Maine.

A man found the card when he bought a photo album Baileyville. He was looking for something valuable and this card may go for at least six figures.

The picture on the card is of the  1865 Brooklyn Atlantics amateur baseball club.  The card differs from a modern baseball card.  The photo is an actual photograph of the team; not a print.

The auction house is aware of only one other card in existence.  That card is at the Library of Congress.

The card goes for auction on February 6th.  The starting price is expected to be at $100,000. The most any one has paid so far for a baseball card is 2.8 million.  That was for a 1909 Honus Wagner card in 2007.

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