Festus Residents Concerned With Orange Faucet Water

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FESTUS, MO (KTVI)-- Residents of Festus are concerned over the color of their drinking water.

Faucet water in some homes has a deep orange color.

Wednesday was an ordinary day of work at Larry's Lifelike Taxedermy, a business run out of a home in Festus, until sometime around 4 o'clock the kitchen sink faucet dispensed orange water.

Sean Mandrell was working with a power-hose on Wednesday when he noticed the problem with the water.

Sean filled a jar with water from the kitchen sink and showed the sample to other residents in town.

Another resident noticed the same problem with the kitchen sink in his house on a nearby street, and ran a similar test.

Officials at the city of Festus Public Works Department say the low Mississippi River levels made the city switch their water source from a different water treatment location.

In the meantime, residents have not been informed that the water is unsafe to drink, but the color of their water is leading them to their own conclusions.

Now the city of Festus says work will begin Thursday sometime around 9 o'clock and 10 o'clock. Every employee will be on hand to try and get the problem resolved; that they hope will be an overnight fix.

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