Mom And Son Kiss To Pass Drugs

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PENN YAN, NY – The bond between mother and son can be strong connection that lasts a lifetime. One mother and son’s connection got sticky when they allegedly used a kiss to transfer drugs into a New York county jail.

According to a Yates County Sheriff’s report obtained by the Smoking Gun, Kimberly Margeson, 54, was visiting Yates County Jail when she slipped her son Oxycodone pills on January 29, 2013. Margeson was charged Tuesday after an investigation into the open-mouth delivery of the narcotic.

Margeson pleading not guilty to one felony drug count and one misdemeanor count of promoting prison contraband. Her son William Partridge, 30, was given the same charges for his involvement in the exchange.

Partridge is currently being held on a weapons arrest, and will be arraigned on February 11, 2013 for the new charges. His mother is currently free after posting $2000 bail for the shared two charges.

By Veron Culley

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