Police Hope Witness Helps Solve Bank Robbery Case

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TOWN AND COUNTRY, MO (KTVI)-- Town and Country police are looking for a witness to help them crack a case.

According to detectives, a man was visiting the bank a few minutes before the January 30th robbery at the First Bank at Lamp and Lantern Village and may have seen something outside that could help in the case.

Police released a picture of the potential witness wearing a black sweatshirt. Police have tried to contact him but have been unsuccessful.

As for the robber who`s had several disguises, police believe he or she is responsible for a total of 3 robberies.

Detective Joe Giacopelli with Town and Country police says they want to catch the robber before the crimes escalate.

“A customer came in shortly before the robbery and were hoping that if we can identify this person they may have some information for us that can be very key to us tracking down the suspect,” said Giacopelli.

Investigators say they believe the same person is responsible for two other robberies, one at the Commerce Bank in Columbia, Illinois and another at the Neighbors Credit Union in St. Louis County.