Police Shooting On Riverfront Leaves Suspect Dead

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - St. Louis police are investigating an officer-involved shooting along the riverfront, on Lenor K. Sullivan and Biddle Street.  It happened around 6 o’clock Thursday night.

It all began when the Port Authority spotted a black sedan trolling suspiciously along the riverfront and alerted police.

Two officers in a squad car arrived at the scene and found a dark-colored vehicle matching that description. They ran a check on the driver, a white male in his early 30s, and found that he had several outstanding warrants for his arrest.

One of the officers tried to get the suspect to come out of his car.  The suspect resisted, and reached for the officer’s weapon.

Then a struggle ensued, and the officer fired one shot into the suspect’s torso.

The suspect was taken to a local hospital, and at 6:58 p.m. hospital officials confirmed that the suspect died.

This officer, a 28 year-old male with two years of experience on the job, will be put on a three-day administrative leave, which isn’t a punishment, but common protocol.

St. Louis Police Captain Michael Sack says, “That’s a very dangerous situation.  You might have heard a lot of studies report that officers are, with some regularity, killed with firearms that are taken from them, so if somebody goes for an officer’s weapon, it immediately escalates into a lethal force encounter.”

Police cannot release the suspect's identity, or any other information about him, until family is notified of his passing.

Police say this is the second officer-involved shooting in St. Louis in 2013.

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