Second Customer Dies At Heart Attack Grill

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Photo courtesy of USA Today

LAS VEGAS (KTVI) – Heart Attack Grill claims it has a “burger you can die for.” Monday, a customer died of a heart attack several days after eating at the restaurant. There have been other incidents of heart problems related to the Las Vegas restaurant.

Known as an unofficial mascot to the restaurant, John Alleman, 52, collapsed last week while waiting for a bus in front of the business.

Heart Attack Grill is known for its health hazardous menu items. It warns customers their food is bad for your health. They also serve free food for customers who weigh over 350 pounds.

Alleman is not the first victim in incidents involving heart problems. Last February, a man was hospitalized with a heart condition after chowing down a 6,000-calorie burger named the Triple Bypass Burger. Two months later, a woman reported having the same condition after eating a Double Bypass Burger.

The owner said he will not stop operations of the restaurant.

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