CAUGHT ON TAPE: Worker Mowed Down By Mini-Van

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BRENTWOOD, MO (KTVI)-- Heart stopping video from a red light camera has been released.  It shows what happened when a Missouri American Water employee was mowed down by a mini-van.  It happened at the intersection of Brentwood and Manchester early Friday morning.

Two water employees were working on a broken main.  The video showed the mini-van traveling south on Brentwood while the workers were in the middle of the road.  One narrowly escaped injury, but the second man went flying through the air when he was hit.

Debi Berra is the victim’s neighbor, like other people who saw the video she was stunned. “Oh wow…oh my gosh…it happened so quick,” she stated.

Berra said the man who was hit is a great person, “ He’s a good guy he’s very involved in with his kids you see him outside all the time with the smaller children he’s always seem to have a smile on his face.”

Because of federal health guideline the water company did not release much information about the victim, but it is believed he will recover.  Ann Dettmer is a spokesperson for Missouri American Water Company, “He’s in the hospital now we’re hopeful he will be released in a few days.”

The video was provided by American Traffic Solutions from a red light camera.  The company believes this incident is another good reason for the cameras to be in place.

Brentwood police said the drive stopped at the scene and will not be charged, that it was an accident.

Ann Dettmer hopes this serves as a strong reminder to drivers to be alert and be careful.  Dettmer said, “We in turn ask people that are driving to be extra careful when you see a work zone area drive slowly and cautiously.”  Debi Berra added, “I would hope that everybody slows down and takes additional time to be aware of what’s going on.”

The co-worker who was not injured quickly went to the aid of the victim and got emergency help to the scene quickly.

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