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Dave murray’s lastest forecast and disco…Tuesday…Feb 19, 2013:

My spring forecast for st. Louis will be out thursday…February 21st…9:30 on fox 2.

***cold weather in place for tuesday…Gusty winds and we stay cold on wednesday…Thursday is a winter’s mix. Lets be alert on the thursday system.***


Partly sunny, windy and colder
Winds: northwest 15-30 m.P.H.
High: 35 degrees

Tuesday night:

Clear skies and very cold
Winds: northwest 5-10 m.P.H.
Low: 15 degrees.


Partly sunny and cold
Winds: northwest 5-15 m.P.H.
High: 32 degrees

Wednesday night…Now moves in late night…Then a mix of snow, sleet nd even some freezing rain on thursdy into thursday evening.

The weather disco:

The monday system kicks out and we settle into a large dome of arctic high prssure for tuesday…But until the high takes control…It will stay windy…Especially tuesday morning and early afternoon…Tuesday is cold…As is wednesday…Below average…Day and night…The cold air gets trapped and will be slow to leave…And thats why there is so much interest in the next system…Remember…Forecast the high to track the low…This next system comes ashore in the pacific northwest and then drops down the coast…Turns and spins over the 4 courner region then out into the middle of the nation…Coming out late wednesday…A player for us late wednesday night and thursday…Again we will not get a good base-line sample of this system until its over the land mass of the west…Thatwill take place tuesday and tuesday night…So lets not get all freaky about this thing…Yet…It has the potential to be a pretty strong winter storm…But there are tons of questions…An of couse the system really does not come into true focus until it pops and re-forms over the rockies…Does not leave us with much time…But that is the nature of our region…We deal with it. All this said…It looks like this could start as snow…Late wednesday night and then become a mix of snow and mainly sleet quickly thursday morning…Now real concerned about a freezing rain situation…But have to watch…That may be at the tail end of the system…The main feature at this stage is sleet…A system to watch and stay up to date…Lets have some fun and a good week ahead.

Check out all the maps below: click on links…They will give you a great overview of the weather

Surface map:


National radar:


Severe weather:


Prog maps:


Snow maps:


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