Emergency Officials Warn Drivers To Stay Off Roads

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) -  Mayor Slay has held a press conference with emergency managers from several departments from across the region.  They are warning people to stay off the roads. Please check on your elderly neighbors to see if they are okay.

"We are hoping this is not a bad ice event, but we're prepared." said Mayor Francis Slay.

They expect rush-hour to be a mess. All Metro buses and light rail is still running and currently on schedule.

And expect freezing drizzle overnight. The region has at least 100 trucks ready to clear streets. Mayor Slay says that they have plenty of salt and brine ready.

Todd Waeltermann says his crews started pre-treating roads with a salt brine on Tuesday, now they've went to solid rock salt. Waeltermann says the toughest part of this storm is the fact that a lot of snow and possibly other winter precipitation Is expected to fall quickly at the beginning of the storm.

Waeltermann thinks the biggest battle in trying to keep the streets passable will come at the beginning of the storm.

A spokesperson for the  Mayor`s office says the city`s overlfow shelter at 12th and Park downtown here will open on Thursday night. It can accommodate 100 people.

Earlier today, Mayor Slay ordered that city hall offices close today and that all nonessential people not come to work.

So clearly city leaders are taking the storm here seriously. There will be another press conference at 5pm from the Mayor at Soldier's Memorial.

Call 2-11 for assistance from the United Way. They can help find some place warm or assist with volunteering.Please call 9-11 for emergency situations.