Missourians Grade MoDOT’s Response To Snow Storm

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TOWN AND COUNTRY, MO. (KTVI) - A massive snow storm blasted Missouri Thursday afternoon, and the chaos it caused has many drivers questioning MoDOT's response.

It caused countless cars to get stuck in snow. Many drivers had to leave their cars.

"We have seen car after car stuck, and people are just leaving them,"
Steve Schultz said. "It is a huge mess out here."

Schultz spent 40 minutes driving on Lindbergh near Creve Coeur.

"This is normally a five minute drive for me, but it is so much longer," he said. "I have not seen one MoDOT plow out here."

MoDOT spent a lot of time treating the roads to prepare for the storm.

"They did everything, but they forgot to plow," Schultz said.

MoDOT officials told Fox 2 that there were 1,500 plows on the roads statewide.

They said the plows were focusing on busy areas and would be out until the roads are clear.

"I really hope they get rid of this stuff," Schultz said.

Schultz was not the only driver upset with MoDOT.

"The roads are horrible," Tom Boisseua said. "They did all that treating of the roads, but everyone is getting stuck."

MoDOT officials said the amount of traffic impacting its ability to plow the roads.

Officials are also warning people about ice that may accumulate overnight as the temperature drops.

"It can't get much worse than this," Boisseua said. "I would give MoDOT a very low grade."

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