MoDOT Officials Don’t Like The Forecast

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - MoDOT officials are  at the operations center, keeping a close eye on Missouri highways.  They say they just don't like what they see.

The snow started falling just after 9:30am in Chesterfield. It looks like fluffy, soft snow.  But it is not.  This is ice.

Almost no one can see the driving surface.  But, MoDOT's Becky Allmeroth is seeing some extra hazards on the road.

"We're seeing things cover over quickly.  We are seeing things come up from the southwest.  Lightning, thundersnow, thundersleet.  Conditions on the roadways are deteriorating rapidly." said MoDOT Maintenance Engineer Becky Allmeroth.

That is why she says if you can stay home, do so.

If you have to move about the area, go really really really slow.

More traffic information:

Live in Chesterfield, Kim Hudson FOX 2 News.