Snow & Cold Bring Out Warm Hearted Couple

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ARNOLD, MO (KTVI)-- The snow, sleet, ice and cold winds brought out some warmhearted people in the middle of the storm. Roads in Jefferson County were a mess much of the day.  On Interstate 55 in Arnold traffic slowed when a car hit a semi tractor trailer.

Police said no one was hurt.  Rural roads are hilly and curvy and when they get packed with snow and sleet they were a dangerous challenge to drivers.

Dan Nickless lives in rural Jefferson County, "Roads are horrible you got to have four-wheel  drive you know got to have for wheel drive."

It was a tough go for John Chesnut and his son Zach.  The 19 year old was pressed into service to push the family car up a slippery hill with his father, John behind the wheel.

Zach did not have much success. He said, "It`s very exhausting it`s insane you got to keep the car from drifting over to the side you got snow kicking up in your face."

Jerry Williams and his wife came to the rescue.  Jerry operates a snow removal business in the winter.  He hooked up a tow chain to the Chesnut car and they were back on the road.

William said, "Saw he was pushing for a long way, wasn`t getting to far so figured we`d hook him up pull him out of there. Madden: For free? Williams: Absolutely...he needs some help, nice to help people."

John Chesnut was thankful, 'I`m very grateful to them for helping me. I appreciate it.'