Snow Day Offers Good Sledding On A Winter Day

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ST. CHARLES, MO. (KTVI) – I was going to tell you a story about a snow day.

'We're sledding,' yells Dawn Bamberger with her daughter Stacy and friend Lisa Baker.  'Woo!'

It would feature happy children sledding.

But I couldn't find that, only this... A few brave souls in Blanchette park in St. Charles.

'Yes there`s not too many opportunities for the kids to get to sled,' says Dawn Bamberger.  'I know we were hoping there weren't going to be too many people out in this crazy stuff.'

But their get up and go couldn't sled down the hill, or not very well.

Or not very well.

This is what I found as I was driving.

That's highway 70 and that's 270.

Delivery vans and trucks were straight out of luck with empty loads.

A couple of friends texted wanting to know if it was really as bad as the news made it.
The answer is yes.

I stopped counting cars off the side of the road stranded even the beer truck couldn't get up this hill in St. Charles.

So that's a pretty rough day St. Louis when you can't sled down the hill and your beer truck can`t get up one.

Course maybe that means it had no weight because all the beer was where it was supposed to be.

Before I finish I figured this snowstorm need a name.

I looked and found out today, February 21st, is supposedly National Sticky Bun day.

You'll always remember it...February 21 and sticky bun.

So I'm claiming the phrase, 'The Great Sticky Bun Snowstorm of 2013.

A sweet reason to stay inside.