St. Louis Area Drivers Angry Over Unplowed Roads

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ST. CHARLES, MO  (KTVI) – There were plenty of traffic battles in St. Charles County and just across the river in Maryland Heights Thursday night as snow covered roads and stranded cars clogged them.  Many drivers could barely contain their frustration.

The Page Extension crossing the Missouri  River into St. Charles was closed for a time in the late afternoon Thursday.  Meanwhile, St. Charles deputies report at least twenty calls from people stranded in their cars.

In Maryland Heights, on Dorsett, the street was littered with cars late in the afternoon as the snow covered street crippled vehicles on just the slightest inclines.

Blake Everitt spent much of his afternoon in a lurch.

“My truck has been stuck like three times, once on Page and twice on Dorsett.”  Asked how frustrating the days was, he said, “I can’t really say what I want to on the air.”

Another driver we found spinning his wheels was David Kopochius, who was trying to stay positive.

“The only problem was if you get to a stop light if you have to stop and try to get going again, that’s kind of your main problem,” he said.  “It’s been very bad out here.  I don’t know where the snow plows are at.”

On Interstate 270, Bob Alberti had seen the more aggressive side of St. Louis drivers.

“I was driving and someone was cutting me off so I tried swerving to get from being hit and landed here.”  Asked if people had lost their manners, he said, “People kind of fend for themselves in this kind of weather.  Survival of the fittest and I guess I wasn’t the fittest at this time.”

His wife, who came to get him, was equally frustrated.

“I’ve been on the road for more than two hours,” Kara Alberti told us.  Asked what the tow truck she called said, she rolled her eyes. “ At least four to five hours.  At least until the snow stops.”

The snow quit, but freezing drizzle continued falling late into Thursday night.  Interstates were cleared of snow by then, but there were still plenty of treacherous spots around town.

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