STLMoms: Work At Home Moms

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(STLMoms) - As mothers, many of us want it all: to contribute to our family and also to be there for our kids. One way to do that is to work from home.

Author and St. Louis native Ellie Grossman talks about the top five work at home jobs and the advantages and disadvantages for being a stay at home mom.  She will be at the Working Women's Survival Show this weekend at the St. Charles Convention Center

1. Secretarial business
2. Virtual customer service agent
3. Freelance writer/blogger
4. eBay buyer/seller
5. Online Tutor

1.   Everyday is casual day. It`s better to work in your pajamas and fuzzy slippers instead of panty hose and pumps.

2.   Designate a comfortable and convenient workspace in your house, whether it`s the spare bedroom, walk-in closet, or corner of the basement.

3.   Keep all your essential office supplies handy in your desk drawer, including sticky notepads, paper clips, chewing gum, and an emery board so you can file your nails if you have writer`s block or want to procrastinate.

4.   Don`t let your kids mess with your computer. Their games and videos can give you a virus that`s worse than influenza.

5.   Learn to multi-task, and by that I mean conduct a conference call and change a poopy diaper at the same time.

6.   Try to exercise during your workday. Burn calories by sprinting to the mailbox to see if you got any paychecks yet, and repeatedly run up and down the staircase for another scoop of chocolate peanut butter gelato.

7.   Get fresh air to break up your day. If the weather is nice, walk your dog, who has been a warm, fuzzy ottoman at your feet. If you don`t
have a dog, offer to walk your neighbor`s dog and you`ll never feel guilty about borrowing a box of MINUTE Rice again.

8.    Don`t sit too long in a desk chair, unless you`re doing regular kegel exercises and leg lifts with weights
strapped to your ankles.

9.   Keep up with the housework. Every time you pass something that looks dusty, wipe the furniture with the sleeve of your sweatshirt.

10.     When the phone rings, don`t answer it, unless it`s a business call, your mother, or the school nurse. If you`re in deep
thought or on a roll, the last thing you need are interruptions from solicitors or your husband wanting to know what`s for dinner tonight.

11.     Finally, eat chocolate. It boosts your energy, immune system, and it tastes good.