Next Winter Storm Brings Threat Of Flooding

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- The Dardenne Creek in St. Peters looked tame Monday afternoon but melting snow, a supersaturated ground and heavy rains are expected to combine to cause it jump out of its banks. No homes or businesses are threatened, but sports fields in the area could go under.

There is still plenty of snow left over from the last storm on St. Louis City streets.  Some of the snow is blocking sewer inlets. Some of the snow is blocked sewer inlets. MSD officials are not concerned the ice will block rain from running off. They don`t expect the snow to act as a dam and cause streets to flood.

MSD spokesman, Lance Lecomb says the sewers have a hearing system of sorts and the ice should melt. Lecomb said, "The sewers are naturally warm they generate a lot of heat and if you look at any inlet there`s an area that is usually melted during these snowstorms. But for us a snowstorm of this nature even last week is a non-event."

MoDOT expects only a minimal impact from the storm as this time.  Crews are on standby just in case.  Officials are watching the situation out west in places like Columbia and Kansas City where big snows could cause big problems.  If we can spare them, and they are needed, crews from St. Louis may travel west to help with any cleanup.

Next Winter Storm Takes Aim On St. Louis