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Can You Get the Honeymoon Back?

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(KTVI) - This past Valentine's Day, you let your sweetie know that you still loved them. Was that it? Is the 'honeymoon over' so to speak?

Licensed Family Therapist Kelly DeVere talks about some ways to keep the flame burning:

1-Mix Up Date Night
On your next date night, try taking a rock-climbing class or going after each other in a heated game of laser tag. Get the blood pumping, and you`ll feel the rush.

2-See Things a New Way
The next time you and your guy have a fight, try to envision it from an outside, neutral perspective.

3-Schedule Intimacy
And couples that have regular sex are 65 percent more likely to be happy in their relationship, according to research published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy.

4-Keep the Mystery Alive
Studies have shown that attraction relies on constant and lasting discovery of your partner.

5-Get Physical
Exercise boosts your sex drive, mood, and clears your mind of clutter...consider a gym date instead.