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75-Year-Old Woman Finds $1,400; TV Meteorologist Claims Cash

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - What would you do if you found $1,400 on the ground? It happened to a West St. Louis County woman. When Mary Jane Noto and her daughter Theresa Johnson left the US Bank in Ellisville Wednesday they had a lot of cash on hand.

Mary Jane found fourteen one hundred dollar bills on the floor of the bank. The mother and daughter went home and called the bank. No one had reported the money missing.

Mary Jane Noto said she was not tempted to keep it. She said, “I'm a Christian you do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

This 75-year-old woman knows a lot of people she could share the money with if no one claimed the cash. Noto said, “Which way to help my kids the most I have four children who are unemployed, the economy is bad so I didn’t know which one I was going to help first to make a payment.”

But then the bank got a call from the person who lost the money. It turned out to be Channel 4 meteorologist Kent Ehrhardt. He was making a deposit for his daughter’s college tuition when he lost the money. Kent said he was very grateful to Noto and gave her $100. Mary Jane Noto said, “Excited, he didn’t have to do that.”

Everyone is proud of Mary Jane including her daughter. Theresa Johnson said, “She taught us well she taught us kids well.”

The Ellisville police chief wants to thank her personally. Chief Tom Felgate said, “It just made my day to know there’s a person that would be this honest and turn that amount of money in.”

Mary Jane Noto added, “My mom and dad, they’re gone now but they taught me from a little girl up do the right thing.”

Noto said she knows some people would have kept the money for themselves but she’s glad the owner was found.